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Lagniappe (layn-yap) is a Louisiana term that refers to a surprise extra or bonus, just because.  Borrowed from our Spanish colonial days, the Spanish term ‘la napa’, or ‘as an extra’ slowly took on a 'who cares about consonants?' French pronunciation and spelling.  Lagniappe is the on-the-house hot biscuits that the chef sends to your table at brunch.  It’s your favorite farmer at the market slipping a few very ripe tomatoes in the bag of cucumbers you bought because he knows they’ll be heavenly together.  It’s your neighborhood baker popping a new cookie she’s been working on into your takeout box, just for feedback before it hits the menu. So while you might not learn a ton about Louisiana cooking here, you will find recipes that are delightfully delicious and some lagniappe kitchen tips, skills, or techniques that have made my life a lot easier (and a lot more fun!).  Happy eating, y'all :) 

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