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Y'all, I am flat-out spoiled.  Rotten. When people visit my home city of New Orleans, Louisiana, they’re blissfully overwhelmed by the warm energy of the people, the all-encompassing pressure of Gulf humidity, the countless list of things to do or see.  But let’s be real, we’re all here for one thing- food. Lots of it, in mashed-up ethnicities and creation and qualities of food foreign to most. Locals here take enormous pride in guiding newcomers through the maze of neighborhood gems, all the best happy hours, or which version of a particular piece of folklore they believe.  I’m no exception, either. Like the rest of my fellow citizens of the Northernmost Caribbean City, my love for it can’t be contained. I’m on a mission to bring a little of that love to y'all each week, sharing the festivals, fables, and food, both mine and others. Be warned, you may find yourself planning a vacation to the Boot State before you know it!

Lynn Krieger is a mother of two talented kids and a passel of animals, a culinary instructor at Crescent City Cooks! nestled in the French Quarter, and a wanna-be outdoorsy type (if tailgating and festival going count as outdoorsy).  She was previously a middle-school English and Reading teacher and will still talk to anyone who wants to about figurative language.  

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